Dressing Up For The Last Dinner Party

It is not that they mentioned latex when they claimed their band was “inspired by the idea of a huge debauched dinner party where people came together to celebrate with a hedonistic banquet.” But when one looks at (and listens to) The Last Dinner Party, it is impossible not to notice their sartorial panache.

The band, consisting of Abigail Morris (lead vocals), Lizzie Mayland (vocals, guitar, flute), Emily Roberts (lead guitar, mandolin, flute, vocals), Georgia Davies (bass guitar, vocals), Aurora Nishevci (keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer, vocals) and drummer Rebekah Rayner when they play live, create lush grooving stuff. And while yes, for a rock band, the music is what most matters (the ladies are compared as much to 70s era Roxy Music as various Goth bands), there is no missing the costume choices the band brings to their particular party.

Claiming an aesthetic born from what they consider the “magpie visual culture” they grew up with, The Last Dinner Party notes David Bowie as much as Pride & Prejudice as an influence.

Studying the various videos from this band of songs released throughout 2023, and indeed what they manage live, tunics, velvet waistcoats, puffy-sleeved dresses, and, of course, corsets inform their look. And it is undoubtedly when they play live that the band so often sees their style mirrored back at them as their audience often comes dressed in the same couture.

A true form of flattery if there ever was one. Or maybe a movement?

The Last Dinner Party

Releasing a score of singles last year, raising awareness too often criticized as hype, the band managed to get eyes and ears on them, as much playing sold-out clubs as warming up for The Rolling Stones at BST Hyde Park 2022 concert. This month saw the release of the band’s debut, Prelude to Ecstasy.

As lead singer Abigail Morris says about her band, Our whole mission statement is very theatrical. We love being indulgent.”

What could be more rock and roll?

Find the Last Dinner Party hereThe Last Dinner Party – Official Site.

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