Celebrate International Fetish Day

There is a multitude of reasons to collect, wear, and enjoy a latex wardrobe. We have had clients order something from our catalog or contact us to make a bespoke piece for any number of occasions and needs. Sometimes, it simply comes down to someone wanting to wear alternative couture for a party, some private modeling, or another activity that might even be described as ‘fetish,’ in the broadest sense of the word.

To which we always say…fantastic!

Did you happen to know that International Fetish Day happens next week, Friday, January 19th? 

Initially titled National Fetish Day in 2008 and started in the UK, the celebration/distinction was set to occur every third day of the first month of the New Year. A year later, the celebration became “International Fetish Day” in the hope of bringing global interest, increased awareness and support to all fetish-minded folks and their meetings and communities. At this time, in the first decade of the new century, UK law was quite strict on people possessing what they called “extreme pornography.” As with lots of law definitions, lots of fetish material or activities could undeservedly be thrown under this umbrella term…such as folks dressing in latex for a night out at a party where other folks were dressing in latex! 

It’s interesting to note that for the first celebration in 2008, an edict was sent across the UK fetish community for those who wanted to recognize the day to wear purple. The campaign “Perverts Wear Purple” (the word ‘pervert’ as much considered a pejorative as a positive from both ends of the community) was seen as a way for seeming ‘vanilla folks’ to show their support for and enjoyment of private ‘non-vanilla’ sexual activities, without having to air those desires. 

Wearing latex next Friday or any other day of the week might indeed show you have a fetish or two, or maybe that you just like dressing in latex.

Or perhaps a little bit of both.

Or neither.

Whatever the case may be, Dawnamatrix celebrates International Fetish Day and all the sartorial choices you make. 

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