Have You Considered Your Latex Accessory Lately?

As we have said since the start of Dawnamatrix Designs, it is as much a bespoke latex outfit you wear as a simple off-the-rack pair of leggings you might wiggle into that can make your couture. A whole latex wardrobe can be just as eye-arresting as a simple latex fashion accessory. In our world, it all works!

In UK’s recent Sunday Times Style Magazine (see this story about it on the Latex/24 website) scrumptious red latex opera gloves are featured on the cover. And while we know, celebs like any of the Jenner-Kardashians, Kate Beckinsale, and countless divas and models have taken to sporting gloves, just as many take to wearing latex stockings, hats, masks, and chokers. And as much as we love how much our favorite textile has worked its way into the mainstream, it is just as inspiring when you see one of our best and brightest mix and match some latex accessories with couture made of a different material.

In the rundown of the latex accessories, we sell (see here), we have had customers purchase collars, capes, pasties, belts, hoods, and wristlet gloves (and, yes, opera gloves, surely) as any of the items mentioned in the paragraph above. And as it should be when picking your latex outfit or ordering something bespoke from us, you are only ever limited by your imagination to what you can add, and feature when choosing a latex accessory.

Do the boots make the man? The mask, the lady? The wristlet gloves or cape the full latex wardrobe? Who can say? As much as picking what you might wear at any given time, you need to consider, from purely what you might be feeling from one moment to the next, what accessory, if any, will work for what you are wearing…even if you come to wear nothing much at all, other than that latex accessory.

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