The Continuing Couture Controversy of the Dreaded Wardrobe Malfunction: Aubrey Plaza at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

When it comes to wearing a wardrobe that might show a little skin or slipping into something completely revealing, those of us who wear latex are well aware of what we can and do often show. But in wearing alt. couture, be it a body-hugging textile, some strategic cut-out dress, short hems, or even revealing décolleté the wearer should always be aware that they could reveal more than they intend. But we have seen, and as was evident with actress Aubrey Plaxa just recently, the controversial, seemingly now ubiquitous “wardrobe malfunction” happening more and more.

Appearing at last Sunday’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards ceremony in L.A., wearing a Michael Kors gown with a crisscross neckline, Plaxa revealed a copious amount of her front, what fashionistas have taken to calling “underboob.” And for this outfit, the “White Lotus” star received many online comments…pro and con. Whether the actress’s outfit rises to your level of “risqué” or “tasteful” is a subjective call at best, still, as footage from the award show reveals, when Plaxa came on stage with her fellow costars, to accept the “White Lotus” win for “best drama series ensemble,” she endured a clear moment of adjusting her top.

Standing behind a gaggle of her costars and right next to actor Jon Gries, it could clearly be seen that Gries whispered something to Plaxa…and then the actress adjusted her dress. She then shuffled backward from her costars, Meghann Fahy and Michael Imperioli, as they lean in for a hug. As she did, Plaza muttered, “Jesus Christ,” looking down at her chest.

As Gries explained after the incident that seems to have caught so many viewers’/posters’ imagination, he could see Plaxa was “being blocked by about 15 people,” and he advised her to “look to the front.” He claims he then added, “You might want to fix that first,” then Plaza adjusted.

Was a dreaded wardrobe malfunction about to happen yet again?

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