Latex Couture Seen on The Scene For February

These days all we have to do is sit back and relax, and new latex couture sightings will pretty much come to us 24/7. From celebrities stepping across red carpets in our favorite textile, diva’s slipping into (and out of) sexy latex wardrobe pieces on video, or just what’s posted daily on Instagrams, the known and the wanna-be both are dressing in latex with ever more regularity. 

We have been saying now for quite a while that it’s about time the mainstream caught on to what we all knew for years.

Presenting at the recent “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” premier Elz the Witch made her presence known in a full-length latex dress. The pro gamer and YouTube personality was on the red carpet interviewing celebs from the latest Marvel release and matched any person she interviewed with her eye-catching style. Wearing a red halter-neck cupped gown, sporting a split-leg slit and rear-zipper, “Eleanor” (her real name) accessorized with same-color fingerless latex gloves.  

Not that even the most casual latex fan should be surprised, but once again, Kylie Jenner rocked some latex couture across her Instagram page. This time, the Kardashian half-sister wore a latex corset. This particular latex piece featured built-in cups and full boning. Kylie accessorized with black leggings.

Someone we missed when reporting on the Brit Awards last week (to be fair, Sam Smith was making all the news), model/activist Munro Bergdorf was seen at the awards in her own stunning full-length, curve-hugging latex dress. The wardrobe piece in all shiny black, with high neck straps, accentuated the lady’s hourglass figure and was cut low on the front to reveal her…well…her magnificent front.

And another celebrity sighting in latex, again in London town, was Ashley Graham wearing latex during the final days of London Fashion Week. The model strutted through a Moncler Genius presentation wearing a strapless latex dress in a delicious caramel color. This is surely not the first time for Ashley, who famously rocked some latex when pregnant.

Let’s see what March might bring.

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