The Shiny Sofa, Latex Fashion Podcast

A podcast about latex fashions? Sign us up!

As it claims, The Shiny Sofa – Latex Fashion Podcast is “Your premier source for the freshest latex clothing news, industry info, reviews, and discussion.” Promising to cover all of what they say above, as much as delivering up-to-the-minute tips and wardrobe wearing recommendations, this show is for the latex fan as much as the newbie.

Presented by reputable online latex source, this podcast’s audience can rest assured they are getting the latest and greatest from people who take their latex couture very seriously indeed.

It’s not that one can’t find other alternative fashion sources on the net. There are plenty out there, to be sure. And some get very specific indeed. But to have a podcast about latex like The Shiny Sofa is a real treat for all of us lovers of this textile. For instance, the first episode of the show featured model/latex advocate Latex Lottie giving her top tips on how to start a latex wardrobe collection, reporting on recent latex fashion news, and a discussion about latex leggings.

The bonus of a podcast, as even the most casual listener will know, is that given their reach, these kinds of programs work on a sure ‘global’ sensibility. Yes, The Shiny Sofa originates from the UK, a country with a grand latex fashion tradition, as much born from the fetish scene as haute couture. But as with all good podcasts, the people behind this show look far and wide for guests, stories, and influence. As much as we pride ourselves on grabbing latex stories from everywhere we can, our reach is not infinite. It’s great to be able to check into a podcast from time to time and get the skinny on stuff not precisely centered in the U.S. and, indeed, maybe from some far-off corners.

It’s also nice to catch up with latex designers we have either worked with, competed against, or maybe have never been introduced to.

Once again, you can find the new The Shiny Sofa – Latex Fashion Podcast here: Check it out!

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