Goodbye Yummy Gummy

Sad as we are to see any latex designer go (competition or not), we were especially saddened to hear that Yummy Gummy Latex is closing up shop.

In the decade since it formed, Rebecca Allsop and her brand were champions of the textile we all love so much. We specifically ordered glitter and marble sheeting from Rebecca to use in our Space & Time collection, as well as many other designs.

UK-based Yummy Gummy Latex became known for its hand-poured sheeting process, which resulted in the company being able to offer a wonderfully wide variety of colors and effects. Among these, one could get glitter colors and marble latex from the brand (which, as I mentioned, we did) as well as those fantastic textures so many latex devotees have really come to appreciate over the years. Furthermore, using that hand-poured process, every roll YG produced was unique; no two sheets could ever be identical. So, a designer or just someone ordering a wardrobe piece from Yummy Gummy was assured their latex was always one-of-a-kind. 

Yummy Gummy’s ready-to-wear couture featured pieces for both men and women and dresses, jumpsuits, and trousers, to name just a few items they made. And Rebecca’s designs were also worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Megan Thee Stallion.

In fact, when one studies the timing of Rebecca’s farewell video, which she posted on Instagram at the end of last month with a shipment we received from Yummy Gummy just recently, we might be one of the very last designers to get an order from her! 

We are not the only designer who found Yummy Gummy’s process, products and approach invaluable, and we wish Rebecca all the best of luck in her future endeavors. We just know she will be successful no matter where she lands. We thank her Yummy Gummy so very much for all that she did for Dawnamatrix specifically and for the world of latex fashion overall.

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