The Return of Alternate Fashion Partying?

Not matter if you are a latex designer, an oil mining executive or a children’s book author, the recent years of the shut-down have had to have affected your career in some way. Surely, ‘supply chain’ woes, work stoppage, employees out sick and all of our worry over the global pandemic hit everyone hard. But it seems, from a recent report we received via The Fetishistas Newsletter, that just maybe alternate fashion soirées and latex/PVC and leather parties might slowly be returning.

It seems the Circa Party (formally known as the Circa Press Summer Party), held at the beginning of this month on June 10th, at Vout-O-Reendee’s club in old London town, as much attracted fetishy fashion people rabid for a get together as much as a good old protest, and you know you are throwing a great party when it attracts a protest!

The setting was perfect as the club here is in a converted church crypt, and as this event was sponsored by photo-book publisher Circa, in attendance were some of their authors. Tagged as the “first public event of London Fashion Week” there were plenty of the latex wardrobe faithful on hands as well as other alternate-textile-interested folks descending on the festivities,

In addition to the requisite bar, there was a gallery space set up where a fashion show was held. In addition to the models strutting and showing various latex designers’ wares, burlesque artist Talulah Blue performed.

This Circa get-together came on the heels of the GPB Weekend’s opening “Kinky Cocktail” party held in Berlin, one of another of the great cities for these kind of alternate fashions parties.

We can only hope that what happened in Germany and here in the UK are only the beginning of a consistent renewed trend of fashion shows and parties that happen to celebrate all these textiles we love so much.

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