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As we have always considered the very latest for our latex wardrobe rendering—new color possibilities, metallic tones and transparent textiles, 3D laser printing—surely, we’d be as interested as anyone hearing about a new Meta-Wear class being offered at the ESMOD fashion school, in Paris.  

Looking to as much stay competitive as address the current expectations of their students, the ESMOD is bolstering their usual digital software training with the classes they already teach in model making and product development. Implementing a CLo3D program that allows students to have a digital avatar, the school was already on the cutting edge and simply wanted to train students further for future possibilities with this new concentration on the Metaverse.

As it always has and seemingly always will across the five campuses of ESMOD, product creation will lead the way in the new classes. But the new Meta program will also cover the interjection of NFT and cryptocurrency in the burgeoning fashion marketplace. This dovetails perfectly with school literature, making the good point that the state of mind of the new generation of fashion designers is one where they see themselves as artisans as they do entrepreneurs. 

The Meta-Wear class is presently only for sophomores, with learning fundamentals still stressed for freshmen. A year transition is needed, the school believes, between the techniques as well as how one learns when first entering ESMOD to how one approaches the Meta-Wear class.

While surely gaming is a large part of the Metaverse world, the instructors at this Paris school are hoping to instill in their students the diversification of interest in design. The new Metaverse program is not, as the school clearly states, about “renouncing ESMOD’s DNA, which remains the ability to create a physical product, but about creating bridges between physical and digital fashion.”

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