Kim Kardashian Does It Again

Whether or not another show about The Kardashians will prove successful (although how could it not?) Kim Kardashian is still doing her best to keep latex couture at the forefront of our attention. At the L.A. premiere for the new Hulu series “The Kardashians,” Kim wore a smashing bespoke Thierry Mugler silver latex gown.

Certainly, many could argue that K.K. showing up at the premiere with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson (wearing a Shane Gonzales’ designed blazer and pants), was the big news of the evening. But we always have our eyes out for alternative fashions and latex wardrobe outings; again, Kim did not disappoint.

From her recent run of wild outfit changes for her “SNL” hosting in October (when she sported a skin-tight pink latex bodysuit in a skit about girl group “Gen-Z”) to so many moments when Kim has been either covered in head-to-toe black or in a revealing ensemble, she continues to lead as much with leather and lace, in her infamous SKIMS swimwear and yes, latex. 

This article on Yahoo mentions how Kim’s Hulu premiere look, plus all her past latex wardrobe choices will influence the fashions at Coachella this year. And here, in another recent piece, is a rundown of Kayne’s ex’s various and multi-varied latex choices through the years, from gowns to catsuits to latex leggings and bras.

It’s hard to say who champions or simply wears latex more, a Kim Kardashian, a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, or most recently, Christina Aquilera. She seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days in latex or leather. Of course, in the end, we don’t care who gets the crown (or goggles or mask, take your pick), just as long as we keep seeing such sumptuous red-carpet strutting, wonderful customes on stage, or copious out-and-about moments that include our most favorite of textiles.  

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