Regencycore And Praising The Latex Corset

So, let’s talk corsets; latex, lace, bone, or anything in between. It seems with the popular Netflix series Bridgerton recently dropping its second season, the high topic of couture conversation presently happens to be the trending fashion choices seen of “Regencycore” style (‘elevated’ royal attire) ballgowns, tiaras, and yes, corsets). With the newest star of the show, Simone Ashley speaking out to Glamour UK about the tightness of corset wear and other ladies starring in costume dramas complaining about how to best wear the things, one wonders what to do when one does indeed want to wear a corset.

What we can speak to with authority is latex corset wear.

Firstly, latex corsets feel like no other corset, whether you wear them under or over your clothes. And we come across plenty of clients who do indeed wear our corsets (and go here to see the full array of Dawnamatrix corsets) over their clothes. Wearing it under, clutched tightly to your skin, one not only enjoys that particular perfect pucker of our most favorite textile (and gives us a chance to use consonance) but unlike a leather or lace corset—depending on your body type and the type of latex corset you wear—you might just experience the best corset fitting and, therefore, the best posture corrector and most flattering look you might ever experience wearing a corset.

Like no other material, we all know, latex conforms to curves.

As we have seen, quite often, many long-time corset wearers will come to try a latex corset and, after doing so, never go back to wearing a corset made of anything other than latex.

Then there are the colors and patterns that latex corsets can come in, especially wonderful when wearing a corset over and matching with the rest of your wardrobe. Again, not to brag, but quite often, we have seen so much more variety in color and texture of latex corsets than we have in what is considered more ‘traditional’ examples.

Indeed, the costumers, actors, and those cosplayers playing with Regencycore are not likely to pick a latex corset if they are looking for a true historical read on their sartorial choices. But whether one comes to consider one from us or someone else who makes them, we feel surely duty bound to point out all the wonderful possibilities of the latex corset.

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