Looking FoR Latex (and Alt. Fashion) Beyond Award shows

Surely the recently aired Grammy’s and this year’s controversial Oscars, via the slap-heard-round-the world, were filled with celebrities donning their best and brightest (Tinashe in a GCDS dress made of pink latex and Billie Eilish a black cape/suit tunic layered ensemble making the Grammy’s truly view-worthy). But a slight spin across blogs, Instagram and Twitter this week shows an array of great alternative fashion choices beyond the latest big broadcasts.

Appearing at this year’s Expo 2020 Dubai, the event keeping its name even though it was cancelled twice, Christiana Aquilera posted a fantastic pic of herself in an indigo-colored latex gown. The outfit runs high from a turtleneck to a flared skirt with what seems to be a built-in corset. Aquilera accessorizes with black lace gloves. In addition to this wardrobe choice, the “Dirrty” singer also posted pics from her stay in Dubai wearing a long-sleeved catsuit and leather coat.

Never one to be shy with her fanciful wardrobe choices (some of which have surely been latex, and one we even created, see here) on last Monday night’s top-24 “American Idol” semi-finals Katy Perry wore a stunning strapless ‘mirror-ball’ gown. The shimmery silver floor length dress was from Brandon Maxwell’s Resort ’22 line.

Megan Fox seems to have set the net ablaze with some posted pictures this week. Not only did her stunning self make the grade in a two-piece blue body con X-Ray Print Mesh top and mini skirt, along with her adding thigh high shiny black boots. But adding bangs to her signature long raven locks, Megan made legions of fans weigh in.

It’s not always only couture that makes us stand up and take notice.

And on the set of Rob Zombie’s big screen reboot of The Munsters, from which we saw a picture of Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson not so long ago (see this blog) we all were treated to a great main cast picture of Sheri Moon Zombie’s “Lily Munster,” Jeff Daniel Phillips as “Herman” and Daniel Roebuck as “Grandpa.” The make-up and the wardrobe here as fantastic in its own way as anything we saw on red carpets across the past two weeks.

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