The World of WearableArt Awards Show Returns!

Latex designers, PVC wardrobe makers, global artisans, working a myriad of textiles into a cornucopia of living, breathing alternative designs revealed on stage in a glorious moment…this is WOW. We just learned that the World of WearableArt Awards Show, something Dawnamatrix has entered and won various awards at for the past few years, is back! 

As it always is, the 2022 WOW will prove to be, as its press announces, “an explosion of creativity and colour, transporting you to a world of beauty and delight.”

As we had to, unfortunately, report (see here), WOW’s 2021 show was canceled after much consideration and months of the powers that be in Wellington, NZ trying to find a way to put the show on in the midst of the pandemic. The stage was being built, models were being fitted, rehearsals were underway, and participating designers, (of which we were one, having made the finals once again), were all greatly anticipating the big show that was supposed to happen September 30th of 2021.


Then WOW was called off.

Surely this unprecedented event of amazingly imaginative global alternative fashion was not the only celebrated gathering that was halted because of the continuing ravages of COVID-19. Still, WOW was something we were personally involved in, had traveled to twice, and just loved.

As it has in the past, WOW begins with the big winner reveal extravaganza, this year happening on Thursday, September 29th and will run until Sunday, October 16th. Again, there will be matinees of the show running on select Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, this year, WOW will be offering a new Stageside Experience for those who want to buy tickets and sit up close to all the action from tables set at the side of the stage.

The World Of Wearable Art

VIP tickets are also available for a unique hosting experience.

Tickets for 2022’s WOW go on sale Wednesday 18 May at 10 am and can be bought

See the calendar below for show schedule:

The World of Wearable Art show schedule

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