Christina Aguilera Brings The Latex

There’s been so much recently for latex lovers, alternate fashionistas, and Christina Aguilera fans to drool over. Sharing a teaser for her upcoming concert Xtina recently performed at the LadyLandFestival and her super-hot “Pa’ Mis Muchachas” video, plus a few other interesting posted pics, there is no escaping the heat of Aguilera’s recent wardrobe choices. 

This most recent round of edgy couture from the “Dirrty” singer began with a naughty pic she posted back in September. In that backstage Instagram shot, Aguilera is wearing a yellow long-sleeve T-shirt, red thong, and knee-high black latex boots.

In her “Pa’ Mis Muchachas” video, which features Aguilera as well as Becky G. Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Pelusa, she dons a few outfits. From a black latex catsuit with silver edging to a long leather trench to leather corsets and with stunning red-dyed hair, Aquilera makes the most of her assets. The 40-year-old singer accessorizes throughout wearing studded collars, leather harnesses, and latex gloves. Sure, we’ve seen videos with more couture and costume changes. Still, the handful Christina Aguilera manages here with the other high-powered divas and dancers steam up the scenes to dangerous levels.

In the just-released teaser video for Xtina’s Lady Land Festival performance (the show will air on November 30th), Aguilera wears a one-shoulder green dress with a torso cutout, spiked crown, obviously paying homage to the Statue of Liberty (the LadyLand show happened in Brooklyn). She accessorizes this outfit with red latex gloves and matching thigh-high boots. 

Aguilera does indeed manage quite a few wardrobe changes for this show, including black shorts and tee, frayed denim chaps with a nude bodysuit, and even fake armpit hair. As you can see in the clip, the drag queens who join Aguilera onstage during the night give her a run for her satirical stylings.

Everyone outfits themselves in grand stage couture, to be sure.

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