Latex & Museums: So Happy Together

As you had read in this blog, and in our humble opinion, showing our latex couture in museum exhibits and even participating in fashion shows set in a museum has been quite exciting. The Art Meso: La Genèse show that opened in NYC on the 16th (and runs until August 8th), what we have coming up with the 2022 World of Wearable Art in New Zealand, and all the other in-house exhibitions else we have been fortunate to have been a part of allows us to present and see our designs in a whole different way, exposes our latex wardrobe and accessories to a whole new audience and sees us working alongside artisans from around the globe.

Surely, watching latex couture slip into the mainstream as we have over the years we have business has been a thrill. And the more popular and ubiquitous our favorite textile becomes, the more opportunities are presented to us from various media. But we have found the exhibition designers, curators, and everyone else involved in museum shows and exhibitions, while influenced by the world around them, have a singular vision and purpose in mind.

As the creator of La Genèse, Jennifer Sutton wrote: 

“Enjoy this artistic expression of passages from the book of Genesis that is full of majestic, euphoric, and exhilarating experiences of the Arts. Enter into an Enchantment of beauty, art, imagination, creativity, and fashion! An Illuminating exhibit immersed in art and fashion from designers and artists from Spain, Atlanta, Trinidad, New York, Singapore, and many more in a museum-style setting!”

We tried to match this vision with our dark colors, mostly black representing the Void, and our whites and some fluorescents the Light, with our floral/patterns representing The Garden. 

Onward we go into the rest of 2022, with WOW coming and who knows whatever else to match the Dawnamatrix ethos to some fantastically imagined new museum shows and exhibitions. 

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