The Consequences Of Releasing Your Corset

And you thought opening your latex corset earned you some attention? Last week a lady posted on Reddit’s antiwork forum, Redditor u/nenonia, that during her waitressing in a country club restaurant, she received flack from her supervisor for loosening her work corset costume while on her break. She went on to say that after she posted her complaint online, she received this message from her employer: 

Your corset must be fully laced up at all times during your shift. Don’t loosen the laces, don’t unbutton anything on your dress. You are NOT allowed to remove or modify any part of your uniform while on the clock. If you feel lightheaded, you can go to the back to sit down for a couple minutes but the corset must stay on.

And then her hours were cut.

Just to be clear, according to the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act, employers can require their workers to wear a specific uniform. Still, there are no laws, be they federal or state, mandating uniform wear beyond it being necessary as “protective equipment.”

With the Dawnamatrix range of latex corsets, we are as concerned with this latex wardrobe piece’s sexy contour fitting as we are the wearer’s comfort. And while surely latex laying this tight and close to your skin can cause a good amount of sweating (depending, of course, on what you get into when wearing your corset…snicker snicker), we all know that latex corsets sculpt the waist so perfectly, giving one the hoped for sexy classic hourglass look as much as improving one’s posture by supporting back muscles. 

Flexible and durable in a way trad. corsets simply can’t be (not that there is anything wrong with a corset made from satin, leather, silk brocade, or any other material); the way in which a latex corset hugs the body makes it unique. And while we won’t ever know if the lady above would have fared any better had she been wearing a latex corset at her country club gig, we can’t help but think our most favorite textile would have been comfortable in a way maybe her regular corset wasn’t.

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