Getting Hasty With Beyoncé

Five years in the making as Beyoncé’s eighth studio album is the second installment of her trilogy project that began with 2022’s Renaissance.

Swans, Argylle and Katy’s Antennas

Chasing down celebrities wearing a latex accessory or an entire latex wardrobe when making particular appearances, during on-stage performances, or even in video clips can feel like a full-time job.

Blackpink: Style and Sound

We can all catch Blackpink in what will surely prove to be some stunning stage costumes at the MTV awards on August 28th.

Met Gala, Part 2, May 2nd, 2022

of latex couture at the Met Gala doesn’t mean we all haven’t seen some arresting alternate fashion moments.

Kim Kardashian Does It Again

rd to say who champions or simply wears latex more, a Kim Kardashian, a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, or most recently, Christina Aquilera. She seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days in latex or leather.

Katy Perry, Latex, Mushrooms, SNL

Classic, cartoony, self-deprecating stuff from Katy Perry, who we have always known not to take her stage turns and video moments all that seriously. And some serious latex fun moments we applaud her for.

Katy Perry’s “When I’m Gone” Costuming

When I’m Gone is undoubtedly not the first time Katy Perry has brought alternate costuming, a thrumming danceable beat, lyrics of empowerment, a bunch of dancers, and her ultra-sexy self to the fore.

Miley Cyrus & The SNL ‘Boob Shirt’

Yes, we’ll concede that the attention this time wasn’t on some wonderful latex mini, but surely we celebrate Miley’s ‘boob shirt’ as well as her for wearing it.

Cardi & Reebok, Katy, Jr. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom…Fashion News, Again

Cardi B designs for lady athletes, Katy Perry sporting some delicious latex, recognition for costume designers, and some museum exhibitions, top another news round-up for this week.  Cardi B’s collaboration with Reebok, a line of lady curve-hugging athletic wear, goes on sale next week (4/23). Tagged with the line “Hot and Unbothered,” this new collection features …


Where OUR LATEX Kimono Began

As we mentioned a few blogs back, the Dawnamatrix Team is presently in Japan, soaking up the culture for life inspiration as much as for our latex couture. In addition to sightseeing and meeting up with friends, we will also be attending the Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS), where I am actually going to be …


Dawnamatrix In The Philadelphia Museum of Art book “Off the Wall: American Art to Wear.”

This article elaborates on WOW’s (The World Of Wearable Art) global importance in an academic context…and quite the global importance the competition holds. Our “Foreign Bodies” outfit, which was awarded the Overall International Design Award, International Award: Americas Winner at the WOW competition in 2018, makes an appearance in the book.  Designing bespoke latex, flattered …


Katy Perry Gets ‘Cozy’ For Christmas

There’s no denying that a little red latex for the holidays could make one appear either naughty or nice (or a little bit of both). In her new video for her original Christmas tune, “Cozy Little Christmas,” Katy Perry offers her own particular haute couture holiday sassiness with a bunch of different outfits and hairstyles, …


WOW-ed a 3rd Time?

This last idea, how alternative fashion can impact the global sphere, is very much at the heart of the World of WearableArt competition we have been involved with and have won at in the past two years. This year marks our third entry into the competition, and just this week we learned that we passed the pre-selection round and our entry, in the avant-garde category, is on its way to New Zealand for the next round of judging

Katy Perry and Zedd: “365”

The point is, there is a lot of latex wardrobe in this video of domestic ‘bliss,’ we even get a life-size Teddy Bear thrown into the mix. It’s all purely delightful wackiness and great to look at.

Nicki Minaj Does It Again…To Billboard

We offer our most heart-felt congratulations of such an amazing accomplishment from one of our most stunning original current pop stars, Nicki Minaj. A star who continues to challenge her musical peers as much the fashion world. A world we are proud to say we are part of.

Dawnamatrix & Pitbull At The 2018 Latin American Music Awards

We really are thrilled anytime we get to work in the pop world. Dressing Beyoncé’s dancers for the VMA’s, Katy Perry for a video, Nicki Minaj and now Pitbull, really we couldn’t be more honored. This is just another example of what all of us fashionistas and latex fans have known for so long; that what we love to wear looks good just about any place.

The Business Of Latex Couture

But we are featured as one of three companies/groups/producers questioned, about the current state of advertising. YNOT wanted to know what we do, and for us particularly, how the mainstreaming of alternate haute couture has changed how we’ve approached business in the past few years.

Nicki Minaj At The 2018 BET Awards

When it comes to featuring latex couture and alternate fashions in her live performances and pretty much any place else we see her, Nicki Minaj is a queen. Yes, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, so many others singers and actresses wear latex bodysuits, tops and latex lingerie on stage, in their videos or just out and about town. But if you caught Nicki Minaj’s performances at the 2018 BET Awards just passed you’d have to admit this rapper/pop star is at the top of the heap when it comes to rockin’ latex.

Interview in City Arts

I never know what someone will think when they step into the nuts-and-bolts of our manufacturing. It certainly isn’t as glamorous as one of my wardrobe pieces being featured in a Katy Perry video or on a model posing in the latest issue of Vogue. That ‘end result’ is something I do enjoy witnessing of course, even being congratulated over ( I won’t lie, I like the affirmation as much as anyone.) But the day-to-day work isn’t sexy by any means, although it is rewarding in a way I can’t readily articulate. But Amanda and City Arts reported on what we do in such a special way

Speaking For Bespoke In 2018

Don’t worry, you can count on us to keep up. Being part of the alternative fashion universe, and rendering latex especially, we can’t help but recognize the latest of technology as far as textile art and latex clothing making. It’s just the nature of what we do that our clothing is seen in connection with the latest in costume designing, high-tech magazine set designs and made for the most forward-thinking costumers, be they celebrity divas, The World of WearableArt or you.

2018 Latex Predictions-Part 2

Then too we have to assume that our best and brightest celebrities, whether they be musicians, models or reality stars, will continue to push their own level of branding as well as stepping-out style. And there too we will see innovations, as we will stutter steps, as truly marvelous wardrobes rise like cream to the top of our cultural coffee brew. How much of this couture will be made of latex?

Dawnamatrix Accessorizes Urban/BOHO PUFF Shoot

For us, latex accessories are as important as the shirts, catsuits and full wardrobe pieces we make. The two pictures here feature our latex gloves and our Premium Thigh Highs married with fabric garments shot for a urban/Boho shoot ‘PUFF,’ done locally.

A Pratt Tribute

To see our wardrobe pieces adorn the likes of Katy Perry or featured in magazines throughout the world, is also an honor and thrill. And then just to hang out with our fellow fashion fashionistas, as much admiring their work as being complimented on ours, rewards us in ways we can’t describe. But to be recognized recently by the school we learned so much of our craft in, as we just were in this Pratt Institute News piece, puts an icing on the cake that we have been hard baking the past few months.

Samantha Bolton meets Katy Perry

K.P. super fan (one of the legion of “Katycats” who attend multitude Perry shows and dress in homemade outfits based on their favorite singer’s classic looks) Samantha Bolton drove over eight hours for a Perry show in Kentucky. She was also wearing a dress she designed made of more than 3,000 rhinestones for her planned meet-and-greet with the singer. Bolton’s outfit consisted of high heels with sparkly eyeballs and a black dress with a matching eye inside lips across her chest, matching smaller eyes on her skirt.

Dawnamatrix Outfits Katy Perry @The Barclays Center

Katy Perry performed at the arena on Oct 11th and in keeping with their tradition of making each gift different and personalized to fit the artist, Barclays Center wanted something custom and memorable that really would stick out for Katy. They wanted something the pop star would really love, and something that also represented Brooklyn. And we were commissioned to make a jacket (see here) inspired by Katy’s song “Swish Swish.”

Peter W. Czernich’s Unleashes His Beauties

Once again gorgeous ladies, latex couture and lots of other alternate wardrobe is on display as seen through the eye of Peter W. Czernich. In his “Fetish Beauties” photo exhibition, the man known as the brains behind Marquis Magazine, is presenting his unique prints and books at the Etienne’s Art Galerie in Luxemburg at the end of September.

Katy Perry Feeds The Hand That Feeds

One expects a VMAs host to be entertaining and even outrageous. With Katy Perry at the helm for this year’s show, home viewers as well as the famous in-house audience members had to expect wild (and many) wardrobe choices from the hostess. And Katy Perry did not disappoint with her haute couture array, as she surely paid homage to the medium the VMAs were built on and are broadcast from.

Life Is Good for Shania Twain’s Couture Choices

As a homage to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” video, one might recall Shania in first top hat and long coat, with a bevy of beefy guys playing instruments behind her, then later revealing the iconic sexy corset/mini skirt look. Shania returns, albeit briefly, in some of that wardrobe in her brand new video, “Life’s About to Get Good” for the lead off single from her soon-to-be-released album, Now.

Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” Music Video

From getting the call from stylist team stylist team Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn to provide a latex kimono, our Lux Bra and High Waisted Panty (and other stuff not used in the video) to the actual thrill of seeing what Dawnamatrix clothing was indeed used to now enjoying this nuts-and-bolts little peek, Bon Appétit has been quite the scrumptious meal for us.

Turning Back Time And Believing in Cher

And here we have been going on about making Katy Perry latex for her latest video, “Bon Appetit” (of which we are infinitely proud). But did you catch Cher at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday past? Katy P., Rihanna, all our reigning pop divas would have to give a nod to Cher, who …