A Pratt Tribute

It’s a wonderful honor to be so highly regarded by our clients that they come back to us time and again for their bespoke latex outfits. And when the industry recognizes and honors the work we do, as happened at the most recent WOW event, we truly bask in the appropriation of our peers. To see our wardrobe pieces adorn the likes of Katy Perry or featured in magazines throughout the world, is also an honor and thrill. And then just to hang out with our fellow fashion fashionistas, as much admiring their work as being complimented on ours, rewards us in ways we can’t describe. But to be recognized recently by the school we learned so much of our craft in, as we just were in this Pratt Institute News piece, puts an icing on the cake that we have been hard baking the past few months.

Pratt Institute, the school Ben and I attended, was kind enough to make note of the Wearable Technology Award we won for our Labyrinth Gown at the 29th annual World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards this year. Since it was Pratt reporting, they were specific about the textile art involved in making the gown. We really couldn’t have said it any better ourselves: As an industrial designer, Gould adapted Mostow’s garment pattern into a digital vector format, then created linear concentric designs within each panel. Each panel was individually laser cut and laminated onto transparent latex before being finished into a fully constructed gown. Pratt indicated.

They also mentioned how The Messenger, a garment I created with Lana Crooks, was a finalist entry, and earned third place in the WOW competition’s Red Section.

It’s not only wonderful to be recognized by your peers from such a venerable institution as Pratt, but for Ben and I the school has even more significance beyond the wonderful educations we earned there. Ben and I actually met at Pratt.


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