Katy Perry Feeds The Hand That Feeds

Although Nicki Minaj was the only one sporting latex clothing (and one outfit that is presently setting her some embarrassing comments) last Sunday’s 2017 VMAs’ couture was owned by host Katy Perry. Through nine changes, the “Swish Swish” star as much dazzled with her costume design choices as she paid homage, in mostly comical ways, to t.v.-influenced couture.

Although she walked across the red carpet wearing a Stéphane Rolland white dress, Katy ‘flew in’ for the show’s opening wearing a full spaceman suit and helmet. It was a visual pun to as much Katy coming in and catching up on the news she was just learning of, as it was a nod to MTVs original mascot and the figure that adorns the VMA statuette. 

And just to be clear, this year and from now on, MTV is referring to their iconic said “Moonman” as “Moon Person.”

Katy’s more sedate wardrobe choices included a glittery jumpsuit, a blue sheath dress and a strapless Halpern dress. But beyond these outfits Katy appeared in full Daenerys Targaryen regale, complete with long blonde-haired tresses and holding a dog dressed as a ‘dragon.’ At the beginning of the show she had some fun with a Handmaid’s Tale signature costume, and later referenced her “Swish Swish” video wearing a sequined tiger-striped dress.

She also closed the show performing “Swish Swish,” where Nicki M. joined her on stage midway, having herself changed into a sexy latex referee outfit. It’s also important to note the many costume changes Taylor Swift manages in her new “Look What You Made Me Do” video, shown this night. Taylor certainly ‘ups the ante’ with some fetish clothing choices.

One expects a VMAs host to be entertaining and even outrageous. With Katy Perry at the helm for this year’s show, home viewers as well as the famous in-house audience members had to expect wild (and many) wardrobe choices from the hostess. And Katy Perry did not disappoint with her haute couture array, as she surely paid homage to the medium the VMAs were built on and are broadcast from.

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