Katy Perry’s “When I’m Gone” Costuming

Salivating for latex costuming as we always do when a new Katy Perry video is ‘dropped,’ we can’t say we are disappointed even though our most favorite textile didn’t make a showing. In her new When I’m Gone video, which Perry premiered during ESPN’s halftime show Monday night (the first time the sports channel has ever dropped a global music video within a live broadcast), the 37-year-old singer still manages a solid amount of alt. couture turns. Along with the tune’s great beat, it’s hard not to notice this new one from the pop diva.

·       Laurel DeWitt.

The futuristic video, which Perry made with DJ Alesso and is directed by Hannah Lux Davis, employs ‘vintage’ motion effects, catwalk scenes, a score of dancers, and yes, that wild couture. With Perry strutting and dancing, her long black hair flowing down her back, she takes her sartorial cues here from stylist Tatiana Waterford for some stunning wardrobe choices.

They include:

  • A ‘vintage’ Jean Paul Gaultier bustier Perry pairs with black wide-legged pants.
  • Bespoke purple Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit featuring a corset-tie detail. 
  • A stunning chainmail and crystal top ensemble, made by “metal and chain queen” Laurel DeWitt

There is also a dress featured throughout the video that seems to be dripping wet, adding to Perry’s seemingly wet hairstyle. Hugging Perry’s every impressive curve and featuring an asymmetrical hem, what makes this mini-dress so eye-arresting is that it is actually made from layered elastic hosiery (stockings). Created by designer Joanna Prażmo, who uses the tag ‘liquid world’ in creating her wardrobe pieces, it’s the standout in a video with lots of costuming that stands out.

When I’m Gone is undoubtedly not the first time Katy Perry has brought alternate costuming, a thrumming danceable beat, lyrics of empowerment, a bunch of dancers, and her ultra-sexy self to the fore.

And we also know, thankfully, it won’t be her last.

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