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As I am quick to point out in an interview I did recently in Seattle’s City Arts magazine, “for years latex clothing was the domain of fetish wear—underground. But more and more, in recent years we’ve seen pop stars and superhero movies using latex clothing to bring this sense of fantasy and performance and unreality into our world.”
This has been one of Dawnamatrix’s rallying cries for the past few years and one I am proud to begin this City Arts piece with.

Representatives from the magazine came out to Orting to see what our latex clothing making was all about, in the beautiful wild landscape we happen to have around our studio. I must say it’s nice to be called “demure,” as I am in the piece written by Amanda Manitach (with a photo by Kelly O), as it was for her to have taken the time to come out and interview me. Amanda noted my studio’s aesthetics-inside and out-as much as what we are trying to do with our specific textile art.

She also mentioned our win at the 2017 annual World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards, something I am still so proud of. In fact, even now I’m preparing for next year’s entry. Also mentioned in the piece is a quick history of latex wear, sprinkled in with my bio.

Amanda truly covered all bases.

I never know what someone will think when they step into the nuts-and-bolts of our manufacturing. It certainly isn’t as glamorous as one of my wardrobe pieces being featured in a Katy Perry video or on a model posing in the latest issue of Vogue. That ‘end result’ is something I do enjoy witnessing of course, even being congratulated over ( I won’t lie, I like the affirmation as much as anyone.) But the day-to-day work isn’t sexy by any means, although it is rewarding in a way I can’t readily articulate. But Amanda and City Arts reported on what we do in such a special way.

I am honored. Read the full article here.


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