The Tech++Fashion Show

Back a ways we told you about our collaboration between latex couture and alt. jewelry in presenting Acrylic Amour by Snow Winters.  An inspired jewelry collection we feel truly stands out from the crowd, Winter produces her pieces of highly reflective materials that catch the light in ways no other accessory does. Acrylic Amour is the only finishing touch you will want with your latex couture. We are truly thrilled to be able to present Winter’s wares here. Come this April 26th, we are presenting a Dawnamatrix fashions at the Tech++ Fashion Show being held at the Seattle at University of Washington Intellectual House. At that show we will also be showcasing the Acrylic Amour collection.

Tech++ is a great organization. This non-profit group is devoted to empowering women to take their careers to the next level by capitalizing on technology. Inviting ladies from a diverse career path, the goal here is to bring women to the forefront of the revolution that technology is bringing to us all. The annual show, which we are so honored to be part of this time, marries technology and fashion in a way we have been championing for years. Showcasing tech wearables, 3D printed accessories, and other up-and-coming products in the Tech/Fashion industry, this is a must- be-at event for anyone interested in the future of haute couture, design and…well…just the future. 20% of the profit made from the show will got to the Child Rights and You (CRY) foundation.

Another good Dawnamatrix friend, ANNXANNXDESIGN (see here) will also be presenting their jewelry at the show.

Doors Open at 6pm, ten minutes later drinks and appetizers will be passed, at 6:30 comes the keynote speakers, at 7 we present, with others, until 7:45. Then will come “Mix & Mingle/Wearable Demonstrations” (meeting attendees is something we especially enjoy) until 8:30 when the doors close.
See the links below to get all the info about the Tech++ Fashion Show and to buy tickets. And if you attend, some by and say hi.



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