Opium Ink: Porcelain Doll

Latex couture and sexy striking music videos, has there ever been a better marriage? Here is a still and the link to the video “Porcelain Doll,” by the band Opium Ink that just dropped this week. In the video you will see our black latex Cropped Top, Basic Leggins and Classic Hood that we contributed to the production.

Filmed at Pier 59 in NYC, directed by Sophy Holland, stylist Julia Morris asked us aboard for this Alt/Rock duo’s single. The band consists of vocalist/bassist and songwriter Sarah Orloff, also of the band Die Pretty and on drums and songwriting, Wilma Kaddissi, from The Toxic Femmes. With hand-picked quests helping to round out the unique sound of this duo’s grit/grunge and glam, these ladies are a true force to be reckoned with.

In this day and age a musical act surely needs to come out of the gate with a singular vision, whether it is in the lyrics they sing, the production of their sound or in the case here in particular, with a truly mind-boggling visual presentation. The ladies of The Opium Ink have all the right elements in spades and in their video they share the screen with some arresting visual setups, stuff that runs the gambit across color, mood and mayhem…and we are just happy to have been able to supply some of that texture.

Orloff and Kaddissi feature prominently in all-red suits, also in a set piece of them sitting back to back in black on a slowly moving ‘Lazy Susan.’ There is a big black spider-web like set encasing a hooded ballerina (she wears our wardrobe pieces), eyeless moving mannequins in white leotards and red lips dancing violently across a powered white surface. And near the end of this video we even see Orloff and Kaddissi in slow motion playing their bass and drums on a stage set.
We thank Sophy Holland, Julia Morris and of course, Sarah Orloff and Wilma Kaddissi for letting us help in making their Porcelain Doll come to life.

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