Where OUR LATEX Kimono Began

As we mentioned a few blogs back, the Dawnamatrix Team is presently in Japan, soaking up the culture for life inspiration as much as for our latex couture. In addition to sightseeing and meeting up with friends, we will also be attending the Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS), where I am actually going to be translating. Work and pleasure dovetail on yet another jaunt to a country that means so much in the Dawnamatrix story; an almost home-away-from home for me in many ways.

As anyone can clearly realize by even a cursory perusal of our site, the Kimono has been the garment that’s most informed our ethos (you can find our latex kimono collection here.) To as much visit the country where this famous garment originates as to experience the modern creation of this textile art, humbles yours truly. And to think that the kimono design hasn’t much changed in the four hundred years of its existence is amazing.

In another country far from our home and from where we are presently, Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk opens at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum at the end of this month. (See here for details). It seems that Dawnamatrix, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian are not the only people interested in the famous wardrobe piece. 

Beyond the culturally significant and historical, we also must admit a love for the modern pop of Japan. As you can see by the pictures of Dutch Dame here, Hello Kitty doesn’t skirt by our notice when it comes to making latex designs and costumes.

Old or new, bright or dark, latex or not, deep tradition or a modern twist on anime, there is so much to enjoy about Japan, as there are in all countries of the globe.

If only we could see them all.

Dawnamatrix Hello Kitty Latex Couture

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