Working At The Atlanta Movie Studios

Making the headway we have in latex couture production, as much in fashion circles, as with bespoke orders and in various media, we are tickled pink to report moving ever further costuming for television and movie production. We’re not at liberty to reveal what show it is we are presently working on (you’ll be the first to know, we promise when we can advertise our contribution), but it is something readily available and that lots of folks know about. We were even sent an assistant from the production to help in-house at the Atlanta Dawanamatrix studio!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be onboard providing latex wardrobe items for this very cool production.

Being in Atlanta now actually increases our chance of working in movies and t.v. production. You might not be aware of it, but Atlanta now supports a bunch of studios, making a whole lot of stuff. Tyler Perry’s studio is housed in Atlanta (Perry’s studio actually has its own exit off the highway). There is a Pinewood Studio presence here (the UK-based Pinewood is known for such classics as a slew of James Bond movies, and a bunch of other classics). And “Stranger Things,” as well as Animal Planet’s “The Aquarium,” “Finding Carter,” as much as a whole bunch of comic movies, all film in Atlanta.

We don’t care who we make our latex wardrobe for; couples looking to spice up their wardrobe with some sexy latex lingerie, an ardent cosplayer hoping to add to their costume for an upcoming Comic-Con, an alternative event fashionista hoping to stand out in the crowd. We’re happy anybody comes a’calling. But to have caught the eye of a stylist on a super show centered around fantastic happenings, and working close to home in Atlanta, no less, is so very cool indeed.

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