Peter W. Czernich’s Unleashes His Beauties

Once again gorgeous ladies, latex couture and lots of other alternate wardrobe is on display as seen through the eye of Peter W. Czernich. In his “Fetish Beauties” photo exhibition, the man known as the original brains behind Marquis Magazine, is presenting his unique prints and books at the Etienne’s Art Galerie in Luxemburg at the end of September.

Surely fetish photography is of a high order these days, almost ubiquitous in our culture. We see images crossing Instagram daily of the known and the need-to-be-known trying on, best they can, alternative wardrobe choices. Then there are the Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry’s of the world who do us a favor every time they step on the stage and show off in something latex, leather or some rubber clothing. Men like Czernich and Etienne Braun, who owns the Etienne’s Art Galerie, have been on the forefront of the rich traditional of high art with alt. themes and styles for years.

Beginning in 1978, Braun presented his fetish fashion photos in the galleries of major cities like L.A. and Berlin. He also happened to photograph many a Hollywood star, so he was known in those popular circles as well. He has been friends with Peter W. Czernich for years, so it’s no wonder “Fetish Beauties” has found a home in his gallery. Attendees for the evening are welcomed to show up in any kind of fetish costume they wish. Drinks and snacks will be served so one can munch while admiring the pictures of models in latex, corsets and high heels…the stuff of all of our dreams and that has informed the artistry of Peter Czernich for the past three decades.

The Peter W. Czernich exhibition “Fetish Beauties” happens Friday September 29th. The Etienne’s Art Galerie, address is: 4 rue dr Schumacher, L-3326 Crauthem, Luxemburg.

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