The Continuing Misappropriations of Kendall + Kylie

Kendall + Kylie are at it again…and they’re not even wearing some shocking latex outfit to court controversy! Most recently it was the sisters’ company being called out for using Tupac, Biggie and Redman images without permission. Now photographer Al Pereira has filed a new lawsuit against Kendall Jenner, Inc. for ‘appropriating’ those images he took of the rappers that the sisters used on their now infamous T-shirts. T’s which were quickly pulled from the K&K site.

On top of the Pereira lawsuit the heads of the Kendall + Kylie company are being called out for a just released (and again, taken off their website at the first sign of trouble) “Lee leather clutch.” Designed to look like a Chinese food takeout box, the sisters are as much being damned for “cultural appropriation” on this accessory as they are being put on notice from sharp fashion spotters: Kate Spade sold a bag just like this three years ago. Granted the K&K bag had “KK Express Los Angeles, CA” written on its front. Still net critics are calling foul, once again, at the young reality stars/models/designers.

It’s anybody’s guess how much day-to-day decision making the famous sisters get into over at their various companies. And surely there are many people looking to topple the mighty. But these ladies, as their stepsister, seem to be courting quite the copyright controversy lately.

Kim Kardashian was slapped with a patent lawsuit by the man who claims he invented the Snap Light. Kim has been using and showing her lighted cell phone case in her daily round of Instagram shots. Hooshmand Harooni claims his invention was appropriated by the LuMee company, which supplies the case Kim K. uses.

And not so long ago designer Destiney Bleu claimed that Khloe K. stole her designs. Khloe was supposedly using designs Bleu claims she stole from D.B.’s custom crystallized lingerie and swimwear line, dbleudazzled.

There’s lots doing in the costume design, accessory and even lit cell phone cases of reality stars.

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