Justin Sayne Wants To Strap You

One can easily connect latex couture to cosplay or a pop performer’s stage gear. Justin Sayne, of JSL (Justin Sayne Leather), has recently brought his company’s leather fetish collection and popular accessories beyond high-end stage gear, creating guitar straps and microphone stands. Justin introduced his new products at this year’s NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) in Nashville to a rousing success.

While Justin’s crocodile material makes the perfect guitar strap, he also worked with such wardrobe items as cuffs, vests and chaps to see how he might morph his stuff and styles into his new products. The rest just happened naturally, as Justin says: “In time it became clear that it was time to go ahead and pull some of the products from The Fetish line, make some straps and microphone stands to round out the product line. We kind of already had a whole stage gear line created, we really just needed to move the product into a different arena, and add a few products to make it stand out. That’s where the straps in the microphone stand came in.”

His first time at a NAMM show, Justin says he and his team looked at the music industry event as a “learning experience, or even an experiment.” But Justin has always thought of JSL as a multi-market company anyway. “We are already reaching into fashion, swimwear, and have our foot in the door for many new items.”

As we have opined plenty and most fashionistas would have to agree the time is ripe for infiltration of that which we have loved for so long.

The public is really starting to hone in on feeding their own sensations from every direction possible,” Justin says.We have grown along with that very same progression. It’s been very good for us in the aspect that we get a flood of new thoughts and ideas to work with.”

And as any modern working designer should Justin claims JSL has an awful lot on their horizon, moving beyond stage gear, fetish collections and guitars straps into many other markets over the next few years.

You can find JSL here.


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