Dawnamatrix And Animals: Vogue and Ville

Latex outfits and animals is what Dawnamatrix has been about most recently. While we jet on over to New Zealand for the Wearable Art Show (and yes, there will be pictures and stories about this trip coming here soon) we have also been involved with some feathery as well as tough-hided friends.


We told you about the Elephantasia show (see here). Now Vogue has come out with a piece about the event, with models walking the runway with elephant-inspired haute couture during London Fashion Week. To be part of such a worthy cause, “funding conservation with the voice of fashion,” was a humbling experience for us, to be sure. Knowing that we were contributing, even in a small way, helping conserve and bring awareness to such beautiful animals was right in keeping with all the good causes Dawnamatrix likes to align ourselves. This Vogue piece is just icing on the cake. Any attention the cause can get, is a bonus as far as we are concerned.

At the beautiful Dunn Gardens in Seattle we participated in Ville Magazine’s fashion edition shoot. On hand, as you can see from these preview shots of pictures taken by JLD Imagery, were many a fowl friend; a falconer had to be employed for pictures actually. For those not from the Seattle area, not familiar with Ville, the magazine is the “premier publication for city lifestyle recognizing the changing demands from locals and newcomers in the greater Seattle area.”

The setting of the spectacular 7 plus acres of the Dunn property was like a fairy tale. The area is part of the remaining land of the Arthur G. Dunn, Sr. estate. What an amazing place to romp round in for the day…with the birds flapping around us.

Never let it be said it is only humans we want to work with and represent.

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