Dawnamatrix Wins At WOW

I’d like to avoid the obvious pun and say WOW, about our latex clothing winning a the World of WearableArt show, but, really, I can’t! We won the Wearable Technology Award for our Labyrinth Gown, an award that “recognizes a designer that explores and applies the most original and innovative technology to the construction and/or function of their wearable art garment.” And we also placed 3rd in the Red Category for our outfit The Messenger.

As the WOW website reports and we agree, this is an evening where “theatre, fashion and art collide;” imagine a fashion show meets Cirque du Soleil, with audience and artists made from a global outpouring. Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop was also involved giving out their own award, as they are intertwined in the New Zealand culture and film community (remember “The Lord Of The Rings,” trilogy?)

After being picked from an initial competition of 100 designer’s submission we created our outfits then ‘let them go,’ as it were. We had no idea how they would be incorporated into the lavish show until we caught the dress rehearsal midweek. Friday night, as we sat there too nervous to move, startled by the presentation of music, lights and wardrobe, we learned we were among the winners and came on stage to accept our award.


From the time we were introduced to WOW at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, we dreamed of being a part of this celebration of art and costume. And although winning was an honor to be sure, we are also humbled to know our pieces will be seen across the world as WOW begins a worldwide tour. The icing on this already rich cake was when we were asked to come to the United States Embassy in New Zealand during our trip to speak with the Wellington Girls College 10th year (that’s 8th grade in the U.S.). We shared a bit about our backgrounds and inspiration and learned much more from the students than they us, I know. This was a highlight of the international goodwill of this trip and reiterated to us what an amazing place to explore and a gracious host to the arts Wellington, New Zealand is. (More on this special part of our trip later, as well as more about touring the beautiful landscape of this special country…and beyond.)


Thank you to all of our family and friends for your support and encouragement during this journey.  I am still pinching myself over all of this!


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