Samantha Bolton meets Katy Perry

In this instance it wasn’t one of our latex outfits that caught Katy Perry’s eye…

K.P. super fan (one of the legion of “Katycats” who attend multiple Perry shows and dress in homemade outfits based on their favorite singer’s classic looks) Samantha Bolton drove over eight hours for a Perry show in Kentucky. She was also wearing a dress she designed made of more than 3,000 rhinestones for her planned meet-and-greet with the singer. Bolton’s outfit consisted of high heels with sparkly eyeballs and a black dress with a matching eye inside lips across her chest, matching smaller eyes on her skirt.

All reminiscent of Katy Perry costume design, of course.

Perry was so blown away by Bolton’s creation, she as much screamed when she first saw her fan, requested one of the dresses for herself (and one to be made her dog Nugget) and then whipped out her phone and interviewed Bolton on Snapchat.

The video, as expected, has gone viral. And Samantha Bolton is enjoying some infamy.

Access to a star of Katy Perry’s magnitude would be a thrill for even a causal music fan. But when one considers that Samantha Bolton is not just a super fan Katycat, but also a budding fashion designer, this particular meeting has had to satisfy Bolton in so many ways.

Katy Perry is currently on her “Witness Tour,” which we caught up with in our own way, last week in Brooklyn, with our Katy Perry latex jacket (see here.) Knowing what went into our outfit-but unfortunately not being able to be there to give it to Katy in person-it’s easy to feel the excitement Bolton must have felt. She not only got to show Katy Perry what she had made that the singer had inspired, but Samantha Bolton was actually wearing her creation.

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