Speaking For Bespoke In 2018

Creating bespoke items is a very important part of the latex clothing creation that we do. Surely, there are plenty of folks who browse our online catalogue and pick right ‘off the rack’. But lots of our customers come to us to create one-of-a-kind pieces, or at the very least want some individualized version of what we offer. Then there are the custom orders we fill in those instances when Katy Perry’s stylist calls (name dropper that we are!) or we get a request to provide some wardrobe pieces for a video shoot, where we need supply custom-fit pieces.

You can understand then how we’d be very interested in the how’s and why’s of people speaking about bespoke in 2018.

In the mainstream fashion world, as it will become ever more prevalent for us as well, it seems to be as much technology as mindset moving consumers to seek out custom made items. According to a just released WIRED online article, labels like Polo Ralph Lauren, and Gucci saw a significant rise in bespoke orders in the past year. Technology seems to be very much pushing this desire, as 3D rendering and digital customization becomes de rigueur in every business, not just fashion.

As we have all come to expect a certain wink-of-an-eye (or faster) download for our music and movies, the public expects the nothing-is-impossible with what they want to see of their fashions as well.

Don’t worry, you can count on us to keep up. Being part of the alternative fashion universe, and rendering latex especially, we can’t help but recognize the latest in technology as far as textile art and latex clothing making. It’s just the nature of latex fashion in general that our clothing is often seen in connection with the latest in costume designing, high-tech magazine set designs and made for the most forward-thinking costumers, be they celebrity divas, The World of WearableArt or you.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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