2018 Latex Predictions-Part 2

So we got a little personal in part one of our latex couture and alt. style predictions for 2018. Now let’s consider what we might see across the cultural spectrum when it comes to that textile art we all love so much.

Consider how popular DC and Marvel properties have become in the past few years. Take into account that in owning the Star Wars franchise Disney very well might be making movies from Georg Lucas’s world for many years to come. It seems logical to assume then that fantasy cinema wardrobe, and the cosplay that comes from it, will simply increase in the New Year. And given how many outlets there are for TV series, as well as big Hollywood blockbusters, we are sure to see another “American Horror Story”-and all its horrific, wild costuming, from corsets to cages-as we will plenty of capes and tights in super hero movies and shows.


And all of it will benefit from latex wear and rendering.

And then there is the pop world and how it consistently embraces wild wardrobe, or at least wilder than what some diva like Katy Perry or a even Cher, wore last time. We have to assume that here too we will see ever more adventurous designs…as well as designers. And into this mix of the leather and lace; yes, you guessed it, a goodly amount of latex.

Then too we have to assume that our best and brightest celebrities, whether they be musicians, models or reality stars, will continue to push their own level of branding as well as stepping-out style. And there too we will see innovations, as we will stutter steps, as truly marvelous wardrobes rise like cream to the top of our cultural coffee brew. How much of this couture will be made of latex?

Certainly we have a ‘dog in the race’ in these latex New Year predictions, as all of us lovers of latex will. But whether personally or culturally, might we all assume things are just going to get better for latex in 2018?

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