Blackpink: Style and Sound

Whether it’s Cardi B. rockin’ a latex waist cincher, Katy Perry in a cotton-candy colored bodysuit, or a 20-something male crooner captivating his audience in a bright pastel fitted suit, clothes so often make the pop star. And as Blackpink makes us well aware, in their just dropped second concept teaser trailer video for their upcoming “Pink Venom,” the Kpop group’s couture is as essential as their sound.

The new album from Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé marks the return of Blackpink releasing music as an entire group in nearly two years. This is why the teasers have been so important to the collective’s rabid fan base. And throughout their career, the lady’s outfits, led by stylist Min Hee Park, showcase the group’s sure personality duality, evidenced by the two colors of their name. 

In the first teaser for “Pink Venom,” the ladies wore bespoke pink Mugler bodysuits, draped in lots of ribbons, while standing inside a white room with shattered glass walls. Sleek hairstyles and dewy makeup add to their pose. In the second teaser, we see the ladies in dark couture contrast plus sultry darker makeup; Jennie sports bangs, a denim hoodie, and gold jewelry, while Jisoo wears high-cut black shorts, boots, and an equally black crop top. Further, Rosé is wearing an LBD, and Lisa showcases red hair while wearing a black turtle neck. And while stunning in their wardrobe choices, not just style is important to Blackpink. Their second full album will be made with eco-friendly substances like biodegradable plastic made from a material extracted from cornstarch. 

Adding to all this high cool style, in another post this week , each Blackpink lady took to revealing themselves in cutout, all-black textured wardrobe pieces (one-sleeved tops, shorts, crop tops and minidresses) accessorizing with various types of black leather boots.

We can all catch Blackpink in what will surely prove to be some stunning stage costumes and hot sounds at the MTV awards on August 28th.

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