Comic Exclamations, Body Suits, Latex Strips, And A Big White Wig: Jameela Jamil, Megan Thee Stallion, Julia Fox and Johnny Depp Rock Creative Couture

There’s a lot to celebrate this week for alt. fashion fans, latex lovers, and even wig wearers. Jameela Jamil, Megan Thee Stallion, Julia Fox, and even Johnny Depp, are four of the notables who made this week great with what they wore.

Stepping across the red carpet in L.A. this week at the premiere of her new Disney+ series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” Jameela Jamil was dressed as a comic book come to life. Her tight cross-neck halter bespoke Monique Vee dress was covered in the requisite action words, “BANG,” “BAM,” and “ZAP,” along with smiley faces and hearts. Of course, it might also have been the green manicure the lady sported that connected with Hulk fans.

There is no mistaking how sexy bodysuits are in Megan Thee Stallion’s new music video “Her,” dropped this week (go here to see it). Working with stylist Law Roach, Megan and her dancers comport themselves through a stark-set black and white video, showcasing some stunning yet basic wardrobe choices centered around the bodysuit. Although the video begins with Megan sitting on a chair rapping the beginning of the song, dressed in a neck-to-floor gown, sporting opera gloves, the video soon segues to the diva and her dancers sporting blonde wigs; Megan wearing a long-sleeve snakeskin print bodysuit, her dancers in silver metallic bodysuits and black latex thigh-high boots.

Later, Megan stands on a platform, dancers circling her, her body encased neck to toe in seemingly latex tape strips that do indeed create a body suit, her dancers in white bodysuits.

As we expect from Julia Fox, once again, she stepped out during the day in L.A. in something unusual. This time, she also called upon latex tape-like strips, wrapping only some of herself in what one could liberally call a ‘dress.’ Held in place by a metallic ring set horizontally across her left hip and one dead center of her tight bikini-like top, Fox accessorized the look with see-thru heels and a metallic clutch.

Depp as King Louis XV

Lastly, Johnny Depp, seemingly shaking off his recent well-televised court time with ex Amber Heard, was seen in a post this week, dressed (and coiffed) as King Louis XV. Depp began filming at the end of July for his role as the controversial king in the upcoming “Jeanne du Barry” movie. As you see from the picture here, Depp is back to having fun, embracing the look and style of yet another interesting character.

Why the blindfold? Who knows.

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