Nicki Minaj Does It Again…To Billboard

As much loving her music as every single piece of latex wardrobe she wears (and wears so often) we couldn’t really be a bigger fan of Nicki Minaj than we are. Not that the lady wasn’t a superstar already, but this week she reached another milestone: Billboard revealed that Nicki is officially the first female artist to rack up 100 entries in their Hot 100 chart.

The song “Dip,” from Tyga, a tune that includes Miss Minaj, debuted at No. 83 and gave Nicki her 100th entry. She joins an illustrious roster of artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, and even Elvis. In March of this year, Nicki even passed Aretha Franken’s record of Most Billboard Hot 100 Hits of any female artist.

Distinctions in a magazine as well respected as Billboard, are not easy to come by and are certainly coveted by artists of all types. We enjoyed an online Billboard write up ourselves a few months ago, (which we shared with you here). To be recognized by such a stalwart cultural publication was such a thrill for us; we’re just happy that these days pop and alternate costuming and wardrobe are such friendly bedfellows.

Artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and certainly Nicki Minaj have done lots to make this mixing happen.

To work with pop stars of the day, as we have, is a joy…as it is to work with anybody else. Dawnamatrix Designs enjoys the patronage of our usual fetish faithful, the curious latex couture dabbler and men and women prompted by what they see fashionable celebrities wearing. All reaching out for bespoke items, as much as everything else we happen to sell.

We offer our most heart-felt congratulations of such an amazing accomplishment from one of our most stunning original current pop stars, Nicki Minaj. A star who continues to challenge her musical peers as much the fashion world.  A world we are proud to say we are part of.

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