Katy Perry and Zedd: “365”

When asked to define obsession producer/DJ/singer Zedd answers, ‘An unhealthy dependency’ and he certainly shows his obsession (and some other emotions) for Katy Perry and all her latex outfits in the duo’s new video ”365.”
One might remember Zedd opening for Perry on her Witness World Tour. Since, he has surfed Grammy nomination for his collaboration with Maren Morris and seems to be struggling in his love for his AI companion, played by Perry, in this Warren Fu-directed video (Fu has directed videos for Daft Punk and The Weekend, to name a few). Surely, we have been with Perry through lots of instances of arresting looks and sexy video movements. She has donned a variety of wild costume designs, even wearing some Dawnamatrix latex for her cuisine-induced poses in her “Bon Appétit” video (we posted about here). But in “365” Katy P. is built, conditioned and dressed (and what she is dressed in is some of the most exciting parts of this video) to be the perfect wife/lover/companion for her man.
Perry (and even Zedd) truly exploit the far edge of alt. haute couture throughout “365”. We see Katy in a light-weight peel-away robot suit, and in bright red wardrobe pieces over a green latex body suit (complete with a hat) channeling a true Stepford Wives look. She also wears a striking striped coat dress and high-necked green outfit with an eggshell cap. Facing Zedd in this last outfit, he wears his own thin layer white latex suit.
The point is, there is a lot of latex wardrobe in this video of domestic ‘bliss,’ we even get a life-size Teddy Bear thrown into the mix. It’s all purely delightful wackiness and great to look at.

We always count on Katy Perry to wear our favorite textile art with style, sass and a sexiness matched by very few of her contemporaries. “365” is herfirst single since 2017’s “Swish Swish.”

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