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For her 5th appearance on Saturday Night Live (last weekend), Katy Perry once again presented herself in latex couture. Amongst dancers dressed in all-too-phallic mushroom costumes (flesh-colored body/stalks with red hat ‘caps’ and with white polka dots), the 37-year-old pop diva sung “When I’m Gone,” wearing a skintight red latex bodysuit with chest cut-outs. Perry accessorized with fringed chaps and her own cartoon mushroom hat, the grand design possibly inspired by Super Mario Bros. games.

For her second performance on SNL this night, Katy Perry was dressed just as stunning in a blue tulle gown to sing “Never Really Over.”

Even before these sly alt. haute couture displays, Perry had been showing off some fantastic wardrobe turns during her past week in New York City. Leaving an SNL rehearsal Thursday night, the lady was caught wearing a skintight vinyl burgundy-colored two-piece, accessorizing with a black fur coat. And for a much wider seen SNL promo, standing next to host of the night Willem Dafoe, she wore a black corset jacket with equally black Tierry Mugler pants. 

Katy Perry SNL Promo

Perry’s SNL stage fashions directly reference what she wears in her Las Vegas Residency “Play,” which opened just at the end of last year at Resorts World (as we reported here.) During the 90min+ Vegas show, Perry trots out the mushrooms, toadstool hats, a white mini ‘Mod,’ and a bubble dress. That red latex dress also makes an appearance and does an oversized talking COVID-19 mask. It’s when she engages with the mask that Perry, wearing a chain metal mini with a crushed beer can top, takes a moment to ‘milk’ beer out of her ‘cans’ into a mug that she then swigs from.

Classic, cartoony, self-deprecating stuff from Katy Perry, who we have always known not to take her stage turns and video moments all that seriously. And enjoying some serious latex wardrobe moments we will always applaud her for. 

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