Latex, Vinyl, and A Beer Lactating Dress; Katy Perry’s “Play” Residency Costuming

Not that anyone would be surprised over Katy Perry dressing in latex, PVC, and rhinestones during the costume changes of her new Las Vegas residency show. But the 37-year-old diva certainly ‘ups the ante’ on her props as her couture in the new 95-minute musical extravaganza.

Perry’s Play opened at Resorts World Las Vegas just before the end of the year on Wednesday, December 29th. Running in and out of larger-than-life cartoon-y stage sets, Perry as much makes fun of herself as creates a world-within-a-world of Brobdingnagian proportions in her “Perry Playland.” Giant toadstools, a 16-foot toilet beside an equally gigantic toilet paper tower, and a talking COVID-19 mask were just some of the props revealed during the show. Addressing the pandemic as much as having fun over it, Perry works hard to transport her audience beyond their troubles during this show. 

Not to be outdone by her “Playland,” Katy Perry also doesn’t disappoint with the eight costume changes she manages during the set. 

These stunning wardrobe pieces include Perry wearing a mod-style white vinyl mini, a pink PVC dress with a toadstool-inspired hat, a pink Cleopatra-style curve-hugging gown, a bubble-adorned white dress accented by rhinestones, and mushroom-cap hat, and red latex bodysuit with fringe pants. Along the way, Perry accessorizes with opera gloves and lots of latex thigh-high boots.

But the outfit that has arguably earned the most attention and speaks to Perry’s consistent approach of self-deprecation was when she steps on onstage wearing a tight chain metal minidress, covered in beer cans. Taking a moment to sit and converse with the aforementioned talking COVID-19 mask, Perry refers to her ‘cans,’ in the most creative of ways, pouring/lactating beer out of the crushed beer-can bustier of the dress. She has a glass mug at the ready, from which she swigs some beer seconds after she milks herself.

Katy Perry performs “Play” until March.

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