New Year, New Styles, New Latex?

Latex couture lovers, alternate fashionistas, cosplayers, everybody…another year is over. Might you be considering what’s next, what resolution you might be able to stick to, at least beyond February? Are you wondering just what the next few months will be like, as much as for how we live our lives as what we wear when we live them (and hopefully we all live them healthy!) Beyond another few months of drawstring pants, slippers, and oversized sweatshirts, really, what might we expect in our brand-new wardrobe trends for 2022, what fashions might be circling again or making a brave new leap into trending like never before? And what might we see in the non-mainstream wardrobe world?

According to InStyle’s round-up of seven fashion experts opinions (see here), some of what we might see for 2022 is more monochromatic colors and an even deeper return to what the article calls “nostalgic prints” (emphasis on cartoons, crayons, and comics from our youth) and even rhinestone headpieces. 

As you know, Dawnamatrix has always fully supported headpieces….well, hoods at least.

StyleCaster’s predictions (see here) list upcoming fashions trends. As much concerned with what we all might wear as how we come to wear it, StyleCaster proposes a ‘trend’ in shoppers buying more from small independent businesses and well as in resale. 

What might happen in latex wear in 2022?

Well, for the foreseeable future, you can pretty much find a party or event to wear your alt. wear at from this listing from our friends at The Fetishists. Yes, even in the face of ever-changing health concerns, plenty of people are managing the see-and-be-scene safely. From our particular point of view, we can imagine even more significant strides in combing technologies, like lights and laser cutting, more inflatables, and the ever pushing of boundaries of what’s possible with our favorite textile. We also predict the further infiltration of latex couture into mainstream media. As a recent example of this, our friends at Kurage Latex in Tokyo saw their giant latex flowers featured in the Paralympic opening ceremonies.

Now, how cool is that?!

At Dawnamatrix, we’ve upgraded our laser cutter, so we look forward to showing you a new collection in 2022, and as always, we are always looking to reach out beyond and above all we can imagine.

Ready or not…here is 2022! 

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