WOW-ed a 3rd Time?

Pushing the boundaries of latex fashion has been the Dawnamatrix ethos for a decade now. Interested in maintaining our standards in bespoke latex items as well in our ‘off-the-rack’ collections, we have been striving to infiltrate haute couture as well as pop sensibility in what we create. As you’ve seen and we damn well don’t mind bragging about, we have featured our wares down unique runways at various events and parties, as we have supplied models for magazine photo shoots and enjoyed moments with Katy Perry and Beyoncé. As most of us lovers of latex do, we believe that this ‘stuff’ we love to wear can as much influence our wardrobe choices across the board, as well as make statements of large and small cultural important.

This last idea, how alternative fashion can impact the global sphere, is very much at the heart of the World of WearableArt competition we have been involved with and have won at in the past two years. This year marks our third entry into the competition, and just this week we learned that we passed the pre-selection round and our entry, in the avant-garde category, is on its way to New Zealand for the next round of judging

What can we say about WOW that we haven’t enthused about before? The congregation of so many talented artisans from around the world, applying their skills to textile art and design is an amazing site to behold…and be a part of. And then the presentation WOW manages, a stage show unlike any I have ever seen, and then the display of outfits on exhibition and in their museum space is an honor that has followed us beyond any expectation.

As we have been for the past two years, we are honored to be considered by WOW once again.

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