Taking our “Medicine” from Jennifer Lopez

As we well know, one person’s risqué is another person’s every day latex couture. Calling one thing ‘sexy’ or even ‘alternative’ is undoubtedly an eye-of-the-beholder distinction, but one might say that the brand new Jennifer Lopez video for her song “Medicine,” is rather damn hot…and reveals an amazing array of wild costumes.

The scene opens on an all-white carnival scene with lady fire workers, a muscular female bodybuilder and J.Lo as a fortune teller (which the video returns to later). The song’s horn bleats begin just after we are introduced to a snowy white and mirrored merry-go-round, “Pretty Little Thing” titled up on high. Round we slowly ride introduced to the stunning ladies atop their horses, all in some form of white haute couture of see-thru lace, hats, beads; pretty much snowy-white wardrobe all. Lopez is decked out in a white cowgirl outfit of beads and brocade, feather trimming, rhinestones, with a hat and fringed gloves.
Lopez as a fortune teller, which indeed is quickly cut to, reveals the lady in an open front feathery white jacket…in fact, there is plenty of décolletage on display here from Lopez. But that’s not the only skin she is showing and by far not the ‘piece’ of her that made the blog o’sphere jump, wheeze and all but ‘break.’
Net we see Lopez strutting down a lit runway shaped like a cross. She wears a long tunic, opened all the way up each thigh. The outfit is bejeweled with silvery cross designs; a stunning look to be sure and one where we get to see so much of this woman’s famous legs. But even that ‘leg show’ doesn’t beat what is sure become the most infamous scene in “Medicine.” In the next scene, we are treated to a shot of J.Lo from behind singing in a hall of mirrors. Here Lopez wears a Heidi Lee Echo Hat, and a short mini-dress revealing one of the lady’s more famous assets, basically Ms. Lopez flashes her wonderful bare booty.
Lopez says that “Medicine” is “…a very sassy song, very kind of woman empowerment.” She certainly seems in charge of the world she presents here in how she is dressed as well as undressed. Once again, Jennifer Lopez wows us all.

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