“Bin Isolation Outing,” Ballerinas and Unicorns: dressing Up in the Time Of COVID-19

In our last blog, we reported on Vicky Devika strolling through her local supermarket dressed in a head-to-toe latex outfit. As her “Elusive Rubber Creature” character, the Canadian model/artist/DJ was as much shopping for groceries as attempting to demystify fetish couture to the masses. But there are plenty of people, while not so specifically wardrobe …

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Latex couture, copious body paint, and lots of skin (male and female); once again, NYC Comic Con 2019 did not disappoint. Very much filled to the brim with cosplayers, like Dragon Con in Atlanta that we recently attended (see here), what seemed to come across loud and clear at the Jacob Javits Convention Center 10/3-10/6 …

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Dawnamatrix @ DragonCon 2019

It came down to great cosplay (latex and otherwise), attendees enjoying a deep nerd groove and al of us checking out such cool stuff from the world of fantasy and science fiction: DragonCon 2019.

Moschino’s Latex Runway High Fashion

God knows, Marvel superhero films of late have certainly given us all a thrill, if one indulges in cosplay or not. All the while we waited with baited breath when latex wardrobe would be considered in the main moda world, and then just this week we caught sight of video from a Moschino show. Low and behold, there was our most beloved material on models strutting down the runway.

2018 Latex Predictions-Part 1

Looking ahead into 2018 what do you ‘see’ when you consider latex in your life? Are you looking to buy a new latex kimono or might this be the year you finally wiggle your sexy self into come steampunk inspired gear? Are you planning to take in any of a number of those lifestyle events happening around the world, as much to network as to play as to simply dress up at? Are you looking to branch out in your fantasy costuming wear to include come rubber clothing or PVC into your rotation?

Justin Sayne Wants To Strap You

One can easily connect latex couture to cosplay or a pop performer’s stage gear. Justin Sayne, of JSL (Justin Sayne Leather), has recently brought his company’s leather fetish collection and popular accessories beyond high-end stage gear, creating guitar straps and microphone stands.

Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Homage

Surely, this Halloween will seem like 1984 as kids (especially ‘girls’ of all ages) take to sporting the infamous Ghostbusters jumpsuits, as will there be an uptick in Ghostbusting cosplay, as people celebrate Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and the rest of the crew in this modern day reboot of a costumed classic.

The 19th World Bodypainting Festival

The addition of elaborate headpieces and prosthetics, props like fiery batons and even a separate “World UV Bodypainting Award” competition is what makes this festival unlike anything else ever seen. Further awards are given out for “Facepainting” “Airbursh” “Body Art with Special Effects” and “Brush/Sponge” to name only a few award categories.

Before The Beehive

Heldt, who died this week at the age of 98, opened her own salon and had the Cosmetologists Chicago organization name a scholarship for her, created the towering conical woman’s hair style for a hair styling magazine in 1960, called her invention “the beehive” and quickly saw starlets and politician’s wives sport the do well into the decade…and beyond. Supposedly inspired by a black velvet hat the lady stylist found one night when working late as her family slept, Heldt built the hair in a wrap-around conical style creating what the magazine at the time called, “a circular silhouette with high-rise accents.”

More Cosplay Anyone?

Not that any of us would have any doubt how popular cosplay is to both the mainstream world, as to us latex clothes lovers. But Sexpo Australia’s first cosplay competition was such a smashing success the event’s organizers plan to add the event to the winter Sexpo.

Book Review: How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust

In How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust (aka Latex Jim), a man who has worked as much for latex houses as he has given workshops on the art of latex working for nearly a decade, the reader gets a very positive ‘course’ on how to work with that material we all love so much. Easy to follow instructions (plus some good photos) are presented for methods in gluing, prepping, and cleaning latex even. In conjunction with his online Youtube tutorials, Jim lays out lots of his knowledge in this unique book that approaches the art of latex outfit making in the very best of ways.

A Celebration of Cosplay In Atlantic City

The upcoming Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, the first ever full service comic book convention to be held in that famous seaside resort town, will feature not only a wide range of comic book names and celebs-Marvel Entertainment, Top Cow, Michael Rooker, Phil Jimenez, Stan Lee, to name but a few-but will “celebrate” cosplayers as the convention’s CEO and founder, Michael D’Alessio promises.

Smart, Sexy, Fashionable Marvel’s Agent Carter

Sure, we have lots of super smart, proactive ladies populating T.V. presently-Kerry Washington’s “Olivia Pope” in Scandal, Archie Panjabi’s “Kalinda Sharma” on The Good Wife, those sassy smart young women on The Big Bang Theory-but add in a touch of the superhero and period piece couture and any fantasy wardrobe-r is bound to salivate. Hayley Atwell, who we first met as Peggy Carter in the superhero period movie Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger, will be working for SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) while managing her covert ops on this new show. ABC promises the series will be a mix of “Indiana Jones” and “Alias” with action swift and intricate and worth tuning in for.


From our new Space and Time collection an obvious choice to celebrate this time of year would just have to be our Cthulhu Catsuit (see here). Has there ever really been anybody better at the macabre in literature (other than dear old Edgar Allan) then H.P. Lovecraft? This sexy tight outfit adorned with the infamous Lovecraftian creation is sure to get your fellow Halloween partiers talking.

Dawnamatrix and Beyoncé at the 2014 VMA’s: Perfect Together

Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Serofonte just ordered 71 garments from us for Miss Bey’s 16 dancers for Sunday’s VMA’s! We’re deep in the work zone as you can no doubt expect (and with our new line coming out at the end of the month at Montreal Fetish Weekend, plus regular customer orders we were pretty busy to begin with) but to say we are thrilled with this honor would be the understatement of the summer. We have worked with pop divas before. Pink and Katy Perry instantly come to mind, and we have had our designs on hand for big events, from fashion shows to music award ceremonies but the VMA’s is pretty much an alternative fashion designer’s dream. And getting our latex unmentionables this close to a star of Beyoncé’s caliber is absolutely thrilling.

Celebs In Costume At Comic-Con

There was Daniel Radcliffe dressed as Spider-Man, not hiding from Voldemort but more from fans. Peter Jackson was a scary black-and-white jester (he posted some Facebook pics of himself following someone wearing “The Hobbit” T-shirt) and Jack Black went as a storm trooper claiming he simply wanted to be left alone to buy action figures. Game of Thrones Maisie Williams sported a Guy Fawkes mask on the floor then later at a party wore a Ryan Jude Novelline dress made of graphic novel pages. She’s worn this dress before, but it was no less impressive her second time out.

Comic-Con International: San Diego, 2014

On hand this year will be authors like Raymond Fiest, cartoon creators like Neal Adams and super celebs like BBC’s Sherlock/Khan/Smaug Benedict Cumberbatch to make fans crazy, Cosplay kids shake and sweat and major news outlets via for stories. Along the way there are panels and talks, previews and a film/T.V. schedule (including sneaks and premier footage) so secretive one won’t know exactly what is being shown until one grabs a program at the convention itself.

National Emergency: Kendall Jenner Shows Her Hip Bones At MuchMusic Video Awards!

Not that the young woman and her family haven’t enjoyed copious amounts of press already but Kendall Jenner really wowed them all at Sunday night’s MuchMusic Video Awards. Co-hosting with her little sister Kylie Kendall sported a Fausto Puglisi long-sleeve gown with sky-high slide slits open all the way up her expanse of pretty leg, …

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Dawnamatrix Celebrates Bunny Yeager

There is no way we could do what we do here at Dawnamatrix without the groundbreaking work women like Bunny Yeager did for fashion, photography and the general exploration and consideration of the full rich possibilities of the nude female form as art. Fantasy-based fashion, sexy costume-ry, fetish iconography all were birthed from the pictures, attitude and daring of ladies like Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager (have you seen the Katy Perry/Madonna ‘Power of Pop’ photos in the June issue of “V” magazine…talk about being influenced!) We as much recognize a talent like Bunny Yeager as we are inspired by her, even more so impressive considering that this lady worked in a time when the types of photographs she took could be, and often were, sited as pornographic and therefore against the law.