Latex Catwalk Show at This Year’s Expo Erotica

As we have surely experienced, there are so many ways a designer can showcase their latex couture.  We have been invited to reveal our Dawnamatrix Designs down the runway of a weekend get-together featuring us in their alternate fashion section. We have also been among a global hand-picked group of latex designers gathered for a …


Shakira In Plastic

What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

HISS At Megan TheE Stallion

What we get with HISS is all one can expect in a modern diva rap star’s video, with the diva out front, unabashedly showing all of who and what she is. 

Barbie Courts Controversey

The new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie as everybody’s favorite doll, and directed by Great Gerwig, features a scene stirring up a no-show ban in some Asian countries.

Superhero Couture In The Marvels Trailer

PVC, possibly some latex, new iterations on classic costumes, and lots of female power; there is much to unpack in the just-released The Marvels trailer.

Latex Costumes

Comes ‘round this time of year, we not only contemplate cosplay, sexy dress, and lingerie worn as outerwear but certainly how latex fits in (literally and figuratively) into what we might come to wear on the 31st. 

Halloween Costumes, 2022

Making the just-dropped Pinterest top ten, couture seen on singer Avril Lavigne is showing an uptick, making the #7 spot in popularity.

You can’t Keep A Good Costume Down

It might ‘only’ ever be seen in a game, or not ever seen at all (so far) but be it made of latex, PVC leather, or carry a hint of steampunk even about it, there is no keeping a good cosplayer’s dream costume down.

The Sandman

A Sandman trailer dropped this week for its 11-episode Netflix premiere on August 5th, and it looks fantastic. 

CinemaCon Gives Us A Peek At Barbie &…Wonka

Whatever more we learn about Wonka, it’s safe to assume from what we have seen so far and what we already know his wardrobe variety will not be as varied as the fashion icon influencer of every generation of young girls since she came on the scene in 1959

When Real Life Meets Cosplay On Morning TV

re is the dividing line between fiction and fact, virtual and real, and cosplay and couture these days? Janelle Monáe is certainly challenging all of these (and more) expectations.

Aura Tout Vu & LELO

Sure, latex fuels so much cosplay and lots of alternative fashion right along sight PVC, leather, and rubber.

trending costumes for Halloween 2021

And if you don’t want to take your everyday interest in cosplay out this year, one could always go trick or treating as a big bottle of Hand Sanitizer.

Netflix Marries The Promise Of Love With Cosplay on Sexy Beasts

With actor and comedian Rob Delaney hosting, contestants are ‘transformed’ through the application of intricate makeup and state-of-the-art prosthetics in the hopes “…to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.”

@sydneysomethin Is Really Something!

The corset you are fitting into, or the party of superheroes you are attending might all be fun…until somebody gets stuck in a chair.

Get ‘Geeked’ This Week On Netflix

Out from under the shutdown, we all might be enjoying some time away from Netflix, all of our devices, for the summer. But for the next few days, at least you can get a good sense of what is on and coming from the streaming service and bolster what you want to binge when you sit down to watch your favorite geeky fare

BoundCon Moved Again

Via our friends at The Fetishistas website, we learned this week that Munich’s huge and yearly BoundCon has now been moved from May 2021 to June…2022. The event, the 27th in the series, was supposed to happen in about a month (it’s already been moved once from its original date) to now set for a year from now when the organizers hope they can assure maximum health for all attendees.

RuPaul’s Queens Celebrate Their New Home dressed In Cosplay

One of the more startling transformations (not that all the above drag queens did not all outfit themselves wonderfully!) Jackie Cox paid homage to an iconic woman from the Trek universe, who will now get her full due on the new Star Trek; Strange New Worlds (yes, to be seen on Paramount+), “Number One.”

From Bowie To Reznor, Fashion Always Rocks

Celebrating David Bowie for what would have been his 74th birthday, Trent Reznor, of NIN fame (a rabid Bowie fan), participated with a bunch of other notables in the “A David Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day!” A clip from that show of Reznor, Atticus Ross, the Bowie alumni band (Mike Garson, Carlos Alomar, Gery Leonard, Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell and Catherine Russell) and Reznor’s wife Maandig Reznor recreating Bowie’s song “Fashion,” was ‘dropped’ at the beginning of this week.

Cosplay, Costumes, The Eternals and Megan Thee Stallion As Mileena

By now, we know that relishing the latex, PVC, or armor from any new superhero movie won’t be much happening until 2021 (we hope). But we are still seeing some cosplay-drool-worthy images coming across the net, keeping us happy and hopeful. From both movies and the gaming world this week, we received some fun images …


Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies

s crucial as latex couture is to us, alternative fashions, cosplay, etc. we have to admit, that sometimes, what somebody is not wearing makes for a more impactful story. Mr. Skin’s Jim McBride has been attempting to prove this on his very popular Howard Stern-approved website for decades. Now, he has released a documentary, Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies, approaching the who, when, and where someone showed themselves across the history of motion pictures.


Sure, we get our fix catching the latest “dropped” video, or spying some newly posted Instagram post, but most of us alt. fashionistas are surely missing the usual summer spate of fantastic movies and their stunning array of cool costumes and latex wear. Alas, COVID-19 has shaken the snow globe on our lives in so …


Doom Patrol Season 2…and Dawnamatrix

Cosplay, latex accessories, and a sure sense of the fantastic, all this and more; fans of comics, science fiction, and the all-out bizarre have been treated to quite the array of fantastic haute couture in the last decade. One of our newer favorites of the genre, is DC’s Doom Patrol and a trailer for the series’ …


Playing Dress-Up With the #hollywoodathomechallenge

And yet another way to beat the stay-at-home blues, beyond managing a round of cleaning and caring for your latex outfits (see here). Have you get seen the #hollywoodathomechallenge? It seems people are taking to their Twitter and Instagram accounts to show off recreations of iconic celebrity looks, poses, and movie-screen captures. All it requires …


What’s Wiig Wearing In Wonder Woman 1984?

Although she doesn’t wear much latex (if any at all), Wonder Woman is arguably one of our most tantalizing superheroes. As she is currently being portrayed by Gal Gadot on the big screen, the lady embodies lots of charm with her strength, and pretty much everybody is anticipating the Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. This week Empire magazine published …


Dawnamatrix In Tokyo, 2020-Part 1

Surfing our business of latex couture creation in the current climate, and enduring, like you all, self-quarantines and social distancing, it’s easy to forget that we visited Tokyo exactly two months ago. We had gone over to visit friends, sight-see (no matter how many times we go, even when I lived there, there is still …


Self-Quarantined: A Perfect Time For Latex Dressing-Up

Like everyone, we are trying our best to go on with our day in our usual way, rendering costumes and bespoke latex couture. A reasoned response to safety is probably the best any of us can ask for, and as we said in our last blog, we sincerely hope for only the very best of …