Princess Leia Brings Galactic-Sized Bids

We have as much reported on recent latex costumes some modern-day diva has just worn on stage as we have expounded on some outrageously sexy “naked” dresses worn by a supermodel on the red carpet of a Met Gala. Be it haute couture or something fanciful from a film, what a star wears for a role or in person indeed can become iconic as much as the stuff of ardent cosplay. And as props and memorabilia from the Star Wars franchise come up for auction once again (lots of it the very stuff of any cosplayer’s dream), predictions are being made on what one iconic costume might fetch.

Bidding price on the white Princess Leia ceremonial dress worn by Carrie Fisher at the end of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (where Princess Leia hands Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker their medals) is being predicted to land presently at a cool two million dollars.

The Princess Leia dress is part of The Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, organized by the mega movie auction site Propstore. The company’s annual live auction will take place this year between June 28th-30th. In addition to Leia’s white dress, more modern movie items will be up for bid. These include Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets costume, the Batpod bike from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Batman movies, and Michael Keaton’s Batsuit costume from his 1989 first Batman film. 

For those interested in having a chance to buy any of the 1,400 items that will be up for sale, bids can be placed online, over the phone, or via absentee bidding, with proxy bids needing to be submitted from May 31st onward. Princess Leia’s ceremonial dress will be open for in-person bidding to the public at The Petersen Automotive Museum on the first day of the event.

Good luck and may the force of costumes, cosplay and iconic wardrobe, be with you.

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