Doom Patrol Season 2…and Dawnamatrix

Cosplay, latex accessories, and a sure sense of the fantastic, all this and more; fans of comics, science fiction, and the all-out bizarre have been treated to quite the array of fantastic haute couture in the last decade. One of our newer favorites of the genre, is DC’s Doom Patrol and a trailer for the series’ second season ‘dropped’ this week. And among the varied mix of wonderful costuming to salivate over for this new run of shows, we can now report, some Dawnamatrix couture is featured.

As we have mentioned in this blog, being located now in the Atlanta, Georgia area we were hoping we might be introduced, take advantage of, find some work with the new and very busy Atlanta film industry. And we did, on this second season of Doom Patrol. We can’t yet reveal what we contributed to the show, but we will in due time, don’t worry.

In the new trailer, we see the crew back in fine form…and in great wardrobe. Negative Man outfitted for his adventures like the classic “Mummy,” standing in his long fur collar coat. Robotman, as Cliff in his racing threads as well in his metallic head. Then there is Cyborg, certainly channeling a bit of Iron Man as well as outfitted in a bright red tracksuit. Jane, pushing the limits of cute ‘Goth.’ And April Bowlby’s Elasti-Woman seen in the trailer in colorful pieces, a tight striped shirt as well as a long (and equally tight) bright red and white dress.

The trailer also shows a group of head-to-toe pink bumpy-headed meanies, sporting white and green checkered vests. And during one quick pass, Robotman dons a bright pink boa. 

We just know Doom Patrol will be as exciting, in all its many ways, as it was during its first season (and we’re not just saying that because we happen to be a specialty wardrobe designer this season of the show!)

The second season of Doom Patrol launches simultaneously across both the DC Universe streaming service (as before) and the newly minted HBO Max platform. It premiers Thursday, June 25th.

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