BoundCon Moved Again

Not that the pandemic has intruded too much on personal latex wearing, private alt. wardrobe explorations, and at-home cosplay playing, but it’s certainly curtailed most of our out-and-about interactions. Fetish parties, alternate fashion shows, Comic-Cons, and fantasy conventions of every sort either shut down completely or presented a truncated virtual version of their usual fun. This certainly cuts down on those who ‘attend’, even those looking in via Zoom, really wanting to dress all that much.

Via our friends at The Fetishistas website, we learned this week that Munich’s huge and yearly BoundCon has now been moved from May 2021 to June…2022. The event, the 27th in the series, was supposed to happen in about a month (it’s already been moved once from its original date) to now set for a year from now when the organizers hope they can assure maximum health for all attendees.

The BoundCon represents a fully immersive experience where people come to play, shop, and gather together in their finest fetish frockery and socialize to the fullest. Even if the powers-that-be could somehow make the weekend happen presently, they know, as we all do, the BoundCon would be ‘bound’ in a way that nobody would rightly enjoy.

Retaining the convention’s usual 3-day weekend format, 2022 BoundCon XVII will still include the infamous SubRosaDictum party on the Saturday night of the weekend. For those looking for some BoundCon fun presently, there is a BoundCon Online being planned currently (hopefully to happen in May this year), and BoundCon Meets Avantgardista “provisionally set,” as Fetishistas so eloquently puts, for October of this year. 

That possibility of this last event occurring is, of course, contingent on where the world is at with the pandemic post-summer. 

A BoundCon Family chat group has been set up at Any other information, details can be found at 

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