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Haven’t we often cautioned about the various dangers of wearing latex couture and alt. outfits at home or in person? When attending a summer get-together dressed in your finest and tightest, make sure to keep plenty of water on hand to hydrate yourself against heat. Fashion a soft place to land if the time comes where you teeter off your 6-inch heels while modeling them in the mirror. Have a modicum of responses ready to post when you encounter the inevitable barrage of comments about how hot you look in that latest cosplay picture you tweeted. It can be dangerous dressing up, attempting some mild to wild activity…having fun.

And speaking of dangerous…

@sydneysomethin, from Denver (although this incident happened in Ann Arbor) posted a TikTok video now gone rabid viral of herself having to be cut out of a metal chair by local firefighters. In this lady’s line of work, she explores many an interesting activity for her followers and was attempting to set up a ‘stuck’ video…and she actually did get stuck. Not to miss an opportunity, Sydney decided her ordeal was indeed ‘somethin’ and posted videos of the firefighters first attempting to extricate her by using bolt cutters but having to finally resort to the ‘Jaws of Life’ to get her free.

Sydney was not injured.

As she posted, “‘stuck’ is a fetish category that I’m pretty popular in and done for about nine years now. I was just working, and yeah, it was my job. I was literally just working.” Adding, “It was embarrassing, but probably the best stuck video I’ve ever made.”

Whatever your penchant, no matter what costume or wardrobe you might enjoy (and as you see above the color red can be oh-so-incendiary, and not just for firefighters), if you are pursuing your passions in private or maybe, these days with things opening up socially, in a small group of like-minded friends, we here at Dawnamatrix caution you to always, please be safe. The corset you are fitting into, or the party of superheroes you are attending might all be fun…until somebody gets stuck in a chair.

Photography by Wildevision

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