Dawnamatrix In Tokyo, 2020-Part 1

Surfing our business of latex couture creation in the current climate, and enduring, like you all, self-quarantines and social distancing, it’s easy to forget that we visited Tokyo exactly two months ago. We had gone over to visit friends, sight-see (no matter how many times we go, even when I lived there, there is still so much I have yet to see of Japan) and attend the Toy Gift Show.

Here’s part one of all we got to on this fantastic trip.

Although COVID-19 had yet to spread as far as no unfortunately has, we were certainly cautioned to wear our masks when walking around outside. Our Base Camp Dust Masks served us well, and in this picture above, you see us walking through the post-WWII drinking neighborhood of Golden Gai. Although we were positively thinking ‘safety first,’ we did get lots of comments on our stylish, comfortable masks.

Driving the Mari-Car Go-Kartsone can dress in cosplay as one’s favorite character and take to the streets on a guided tour.

One of my most favorite things to do when in Asia…is to eat! I can’t begin to describe the food in Japan, in Tokyo, and pretty much everyplace else in the country. There is a pizza I dream about—I go on line and download pictures of their delicious pie—made with gorgonzola cheese and honey. It is the best pizza I have ever had; the stuff of dreams, created and sold at Bocca Buona in Takayama City (not in Tokyo, but I got there this trip!)

For an over-the-top experience with a great meal—in Tokyo—we went to the Kawaii Monster Cafe, in Harajuku, where they play fun poppy music, and everything (yes, even the food) is rainbow-colored; it’s a restaurant that distills the spirit of Harajuku into a location that is like a confetti explosion.

Among the many yummy foods they serve, we had fruit cocktails and churros. Here you see us dancing on a giant spinning cake.

More pictures and more travel stories in the next blog; stay healthy!

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