Britney Spears Doing It Solo In Self-Quarantined

Would any of us be surprised to find some latex, lace, or maybe even a short pleaded skirt in Britney Spears’ closest? Well, this week, we all had a chance to have a look-see what’s hiding in Spears’ back stash when she held a solo, at home, undoubtedly small-scale fashion show on Instagram showing-off some of her couture bounty.

Forgoing a runway for her own home, Britney certainly “did it again,” during three different bright wardrobe spins, none of them seemingly stage costumes. Among some of the trio Spear’s even admitted she hadn’t even known she had the pieces. As she captioned at the beginning of the video: 

“Okay I guess I’m bored …. in my home for two weeks of quarantine and I’m modeling dresses I never knew I had 😂😂👗👠💕🙄 !!!!” 

Opening the show in an orange, one-shoulder dress (which she accessorized with choker) releasing her ponytail during her spin, the 38-year old diva next slipped into a ruffled-sleeve pink dress and ended the trio turn in an equally ruffled-sleeved yellow crop top.

In addition to the fashion show, Spears also took the opportunity to address claims she made earlier about managing a time of 5.97-seconds when running the 100-meter dash. She wrote as an end to her captioning this day: 

“PS …. obviously I was joking about running the 100-meter dash in 5.97 seconds …. the world record is held by Usain Bolt which is 9.58 seconds …. but you better believe I’m coming for the world record 😂 !!!! #joking #workbitch,”

This is not the first at-home solo fashion strutting Britney has managed in her life. But in this recent video, she is obviously managing the COVID-19 self-quarantine in a particular way. In our last blog, we offered the diversion of looking through your alternative wardrobe (or really whatever you have in your closet) and managing some modeling, dress-up, and accessorizing. It seems the same good idea can be had by lots of people all at the same time.

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