Self-Quarantined: A Perfect Time For Latex Dressing-Up

Like everyone, we are trying our best to go on with our day in our usual way, rendering costumes and bespoke latex couture. A reasoned response to safety is probably the best any of us can ask for, and as we said in our last blog, we sincerely hope for only the very best of health for everyone. But for those of us with a penchant for ‘interesting’ wardrobe wearing, might this time of self-quarantine be the perfect time to dress-up?

Far from making light of a dire situation, what we are suggesting here is to beat the doldrums, push back on the panic, indulge mind and body in a way you might not usually do at home. We say take out those leather skirts, the full latex catsuits, and the rubber gloves (we all probably have these at the ready anyway, right?) and have yourself a little at-home modeling event or indulge your latest cosplay ideas.

The old idle hands and minds leads one to strange avenues, certainly undue stress. And while yes, many of us worry about where, when, and how we might see a paycheck for the next week or so (here in the U.S., as of this writing, a $2 trillion relief plan has been announced) the diversion of dressing perversion (or at the very least alt. wardrobe indulgence) could serve us well. As much as trying on, maybe this is an excellent time to take a good (and honest) look at what all you have that you haven’t worn in five years…and consider throwing it in the ‘give-away’ or donate pile. Maybe you are handy with the tools of the trade and can create some textile art you have only ever dreamed of trying. Perhaps this is the time for a deep, once-and-for-all studying your latex accessorizes to see what could go where with what.

Think of the many people catching-up on the reading or binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Others are making fabulous meals for their families now that they finally have the time to do so. We say indulge your fashionista to make staying inside the best it can be.

Stay healthy, everyone! 

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